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Several years have past since my last “State of the Industry” message and much has changed. Some of which was predictable and some was not. As originally stated, consumer based credit did hit record high default rates that year and lenders indeed scrambled to adjust their lending policies to compensate. What we didn’t realize is just how conservative they would become. Currently, other than the continued existence of “Pay Day” type loans, sub prime lending has virtually disappeared. With the demise of HSBC Bank’s consumer lending product line in the U.S. coupled with Bank of America’s continued “write downs” of the toxic home loan portfolio they absorbed.....


Collection Strategies for the Future

Volatile.  Unstable.  Unpredictable.  Without a doubt these are words to describe today’s collection industry.  However, this might also be the apropos moment for a collection agency to make its mark and define itself as a standout leader amongst an ocean of questionable firms. 

Achieving this will require companies to take advantage of new strategies afforded by emerging collection technology, combined with the latest in analytical science.   READ MORE


P&B LLC Training & Compliance Policy

2015 - P&B purchase a plaza in West Seneca NY and completes a $600,000.00 custom build out of its all new 12,000 sq ft. state of the art facility.

2010 - P&B finishes custom build out of its new 15,000 sq ft. state of the art headquarters facility in downtown Buffalo. 

May 2010 - Certified PCI Compliant
P&B's IT systems are now fully certified as PCI compliant.

P&B was featured with technology partner TCN,
in a story about technological innovation on CNN's "The Economic Report" .

Click here to watch the episode. 

May 2008
P&B honored by Business First   READ MORE

April 2008
P&B was named "Business of the Year" by Bank of America.

Charitable Donations: P&B and its employees consistantly donate their time and resources to local charities.
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