Collective Science - CS3
Understanding the new science behind collections.

You may have heard the term “the art of collections”.  It is often used in our industry to describe the collection process.

One problem – art is ambiguous, open to interpretation, and subject to opinion.  That said, let’s take a moment to consider where you are placing your multi-million dollar portfolios.  Do you really want them in the hands of an agency that leaves its collections process up to individual interpretation?  Placed with an agency, that has taken little, if any consideration on how best to collect your specific portfolio?  P&B considers this “art” approach to collections to be outdated and insufficient for achieving maximum return while maintaining compliance with today’s escalating and taxing industry regulations.  This failed process is likely the reason that the objectives you have set for your portfolios have not been realized.

So how will P&B collect your portfolio differently?  By applying science and the latest in technology, not art.  We call this system “Collective Science” or “CS3,” and it replaces ambiguity and poor interpretation, with Scientific Analysis (SA), Systematic Operations (SO),  and Applied Theory (AT).

The result? A dramatic increase in operational efficiency, reduced compliance issues, and ultimately a significant rise in the revenue generated on your portfolios.  So if you’re looking for the maximum return on your portfolio, then you’ve come to the right company.

CS3 Defined.

Scientific Analysis:
Utilizing the latest in analytical software that has been developed specifically for P&B, portfolios are first analyzed and segmented into unique categories based upon criteria that has been perfected through years of research.  This analysis allows P&B to match each portfolio segment with the most appropriate team of recovery professionals, based on their historical success within that given segment.

Systematic Operations:
P&B maintains a systematic workflow that continually monitors each recovery team’s progress within their assigned segments, allowing for flexibility and adaptation to the changing characteristics of the portfolios.  As the portfolio segments are processed within their assigned teams, both the progression of time and the recovery process, will begin to alter the nature of the variables defining each segment.  This almost evolutionary process, results in a new portfolio segment, which will require reassignment to the most appropriate recovery team, based upon newly defined variables.   This intricately managed recovery process is second to none in the industry, and one of the reasons why P&B consistently out-liquidates its direct competitors.   
Applied Theory:
Even the best of plans can quickly become meaningless without proper execution.  This final element of the Collective Science (CS3) process is the implementation of countless hours of research and analysis.  Our recovery process is continually tested and analyzed for any weakness, allowing for corrections to be made before any potential problems can materialize. P&B employees are trained and retrained in an ongoing effort to maintain the highest level of quality and compliance with industry regulations.  

At P&B the current working theory is that the recovery workflow should adapt continuously to the needs of the portfolio; a stark contrast to industry trends that simply fit portfolios into whatever collection process happens to be in place. 

The result?  P&B will achieve the maximum performance level possible on your portfolios, without compromising integrity and breaking the law.


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