Training & Compliance

Every associate of P&B, LLC is considered an asset from day one. Our Human Resources Department seeks individuals with prior experience in the accounts receivable and customer service industries, verifying all referrals and recommendations. A detailed screening is then performed on every employee hired. 

Once an employee is hired, P&B, LLC structures and fine-tunes the collector’s talents and skills to meet the company’s high standards.  Each new employee must participate in an advanced training program, consisting of thorough education of the FDCPA and other rules and regulations applying to collection industry standards and practices.  In addition, several hours of one-on-one instruction in “excellence of telephone salesmanship” are required before a collector begins working independently. 

Business is distributed to the staff carefully and methodically via a process that has been perfected through many years of research, using the latest in analytical science and technology.  After dividing a portfolio’s accounts into several categories by analyzing a variety of factors, they are distributed to the staff based on their individual skills and specializations.  The result has led to employees consistently exceeding their individual goals and remaining motivated, focused, and satisfied.  Indeed, P&B has been able to attain one of the lowest turn-over rates in the entire industry.  Most importantly, it ensures achieving the highest possible rates of liquidation for our clients on a consistent basis.

The P&B Compliance Department works full time on monitoring and routinely auditing its staff.  They work to ensure that every account is documented after every transaction and/or communication, creating a seamless audit trail.  In addition, their team of bilingual associates regularly monitors calls ensuring:
  • FDCPA Compliance
  • State Compliance
  • Excellent Quality in the Collection Process
  • Cost Effective Time Management
  • Resolution
With an on-going training curriculum, all associates are kept abreast of FDCPA and state compliance guidelines to ensure their satisfactory status. P&B’s dedicated training department, through continued and ongoing education, shows associates how to continually motivate themselves, as well as instill new techniques to secure “lump sum” payoffs or secure a payment plan in situations where one normally could not have been achieved. Training efforts ensure that the team is supplied with the latest and most technologically advanced tools such as: a letter communication system, real-time skip tracing data, credit reports, and public record information.


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